Factors are Involve for Hair Lose!

There are many reasons involve for hair loss and health in both men or women. Across all of those scientists are indicating three reasons who are strongly involved in both health & hair loss in both men or women. They are influencing of DHT, Pseudo-estrogen toxins & leakage of vital nutritional requirements of the body. If you want to know what factors have an impact on your hair loss as well as involve with your health problems, you should need to have read this article for finding out those factors.

 Effect of DHT

DHT can help to break down the free testosterone in our body which are involved becomes hair loss. DHT are helping to block vital nutrients & holds to the hair follicle from being able to get access to the hair. Finally due to block nutrients the hair turns reduced in size & ultimately drops dead which is known as “peach fuzz” are appearance at younger men with hair loss. That’s why eunuchs never ever had any hair loss which received Plato wondering. Hair loss in women is more evenly distributed by using a baldness over the scalp. DHT treatment was helpful in younger men who are disappointed with their hair loss. But excessive DHT has contains some bad effect also. So before use it take a doctor’s advice.


 Pseudo estrogen treatment helps at any age women to get solution for hair loss. Basically this treatment is widely used in China. More than the last 20 years it becomes helps with enhancing hair of Chinese women in the developing regions of China who are suffering from hair loss problems. Pseudo estrogen decreased to chemicals from the manufacturing process which mimics the chemical effects of estrogen. Pseudo-estrogen chemicals bind stronger to the hair follicle than normal estrogen & depriving the hair follicle of vital nutritional requirements similar to the way of DHT. This also helps with hair loss for obese men. Fatty tissues in obese and balding men consist of more enzyme Aromatise which are responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. So If you want to control this effect, you should need to take a doctor’s advice.


The effective reason for hair loss and men’s health is the lack of vital nutrition into the body. For hair growing there are many vital nutrient elements directly involved with it . The hair follicle by holding strong with a chemicals block by both DHT and estrogen. The experiments on mice & scientists exhibit that the effect of a lack of certain vitamins or mineral are mainly involved due to the hair loss on scalp. There are some genes which are directly involved in the hair loss as well as men’s health problems & those genes are convert generally managed by vitamin D. If both copper and zinc are lacking together in the body it’s improved hair loss. The lacking of iron & the amino acid L-lysine associated directly with hair losing of women.

So if you want to prevent your hair loss as well as your health from this problem, you should take iron & amino acid L-lysine into your body taking a doctor’s prescription.


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