How to Prevent Ransomware from Infecting Your PC

In modern days, your PC is vulnerable to variety of threats while you are online, visiting a web page or downloading certain content via the internet. Those from which your PC is affected most are viruses, malware, Trojan, spyware and off course ransomware. In most of the cases, these threats cause a lot of harm to the data, software, operating system and privacy of the user. It is important to know about the nature, mode of infection in order to prevent such threats to ensure safe and smooth Internet browsing. This article lets you know about tips using which you can prevent ransomware from infecting your PC.

How does ransomware work?

Ransomeware are those malicious programs that hack your PC and take the user to ransom in order to dupe money. Cybercriminals operating through ransomware are on a constant rise these days. They target PC users in a small business setup where PC security protocols are not adhered to properly or it doesn’t exist at all. In the recent past, a number of cases have been reported from various corners of the world in which a number of businesses have been targeted by ransomware. This is an easy way for cybercriminals to make money which they can do easily even from a distant place, sometimes even a different country or continent.

What is ransomware?

According to a well-known PC security firm, Ransomsware is a kind of malware which can also be described as an online scandal. This malware has been programmed in such a way that it disables your PC in some way and then the user is asked to pay a certain amount of money to make the PC usable again. Like other malware, ransomware also claims to belong to a legitimate organization like the government or public body. It somehow convinces users that they have committed something wrong which invites penalty. However, the problem persists even after paying the penalty because the malware remains in the system itself, unless it is removed manually. The incidents of ransomware have been reported over the past several years but during the last couple of years including 2011 and 2012 they have increased substantially both in terms of numbers as well as variety.

Below mentioned are some of the tips using which you can prevent ransomware from infecting your PC:

How to stop ransomware?

1. First of all you must ensure that your PC has been installed with the latest and updated antivirus and antimalware software. Some reputed brands such as Norton, McAfee and Kaspersky are worth considering as these are found to be effective. These constantly update themselves and provide the best security against malware.

 2. You must ensure that your PC is set to automatically download all the Microsoft software updates so that software vulnerabilities are overcome with time. Such software updates are inclusive of malware tools and security updates. In case your PC is not set to download these software updates automatically, then you are simply increasing your own vulnerability.

3. Make it a regular habit of backing up your PC after a regular interval and create restore points so that you can restore your PC to a time prior to being infected. Moreover, you should try to back up your PC at different locations so that you don’t have to suffer.

4. You should avoid downloading or clicking on an attachment in your e-mail coming from a suspicious sender. Even if you know the sender, it is recommended that you first scan the e-mail with antivirus software before downloading or opening it. In some cases, you get phishing e-mails with an intention of hijacking the contacts and then sending e-mails to all the contacts available. So always tread with caution while clicking or downloading e-mails coming from both known as well as unknown sources.

5. Last but not the least you should be very-very cautious while dealing with e-mails which you receive from Facebook and other social networking websites. Mostly, these e-mails pertain to friend requests and special offers. These messages or notifications look authentic but in fact they are rogue malware and carry an intention to infect your PC. Acting as ransomware they can make you pay a certain amount of money in the name of penalty or fine. Never make a habit of clicking on every link or e-mail which you get from such websites.

Above mentioned are the best five tips which can help you prevent ransomware. Apart from these you must apply the standard safety practices for web browsing such as being careful in visiting webpages, typing URLs and clicking on e-mails or attachments.


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