Technology has revolutionized dating

Advancement in technology continues to have an impact on every facet of our lives. Dating is an important stage of life and the rapid march of technology has revolutionized it. Today’s search for The One is different from the way it was done in the past .In the medieval days, dating was a different ballgame; people had to meet face to face. Match making and love letters were the queen bees in that eon. Others relied on the local yenta for information.

Traditional courtship required strategic planning and considerable courage. Men looking for love had to be charming. It took a little longer to get to the canoodling and the cuddling part. The technology boom has however made dating less laborious. The internet gave rise to online dating and this development dealt offline dating a huge blow. The initial stigma associated with online dating has since dissipated and people are no longer skittish to look for love over the wires.  One now has infinite possibilities to find love at the push of a button.

There are several online dating sites. One has to simply create an online profile with any of these sites and they will find potential matches. Creating a profile is a vital part of this process and it involves a balancing act between reality and personal marketing. There are many people who have signed up on these sites and they are also frantic to feed their love bug. One has a variety to cull from. You can find someone almost instantaneously. As people chart and get comfortable with each other, a potential couple can shift the conversation from online to phone calls, video charts and ultimately set up a date.

Days of smitten men spending inordinate amounts of time by the water-hole or hovering around shops to get a chance to pour their hearts out to the apple of their eyes are long gone. Daters have now turned to Facebook posts, texting and internet messaging. This has enabled people who otherwise would never have met in a day-to-day life to meet. Meeting new people within and beyond our shores is now a button away. Why be alone and lonely when online seduction and flirting are just a click away? This shift in dating is making it normal for people who have never gone on a single date to get together and do the dance with no pants .Hanky-panky is being taken to a whole new level.  


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