How To Move From Blogspot To WordPress

WordPress and Blogger Blogspot are two of the most popular and best established blogging platforms today. There are so many great platforms available and it is amazing to see all the people taking up blogging, starting blogs of their own, sharing their knowledge and their skills with the world, building audiences and making friends, and even making money and building careers from their blogs.

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Secure your WordPress sites from Hackers

Blogging has become a top tendency for people all over the entire world. Almost all of the blog sites today grew to become among the money building techniques of a lot of business owners around the entire world. You should be conscious about that the websites or Blogs are creating a great deal of money as well as even blogs which are designed for information and facts can be a threat of hacks and exploits by hackers. Even if you are using most secure blog, you still have an opportunity of being hacked if you do not take necessary security  steps to your blogs.

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