How to Setup Feedburner Feed in Blogger

Once you publish your blog post, first thing you need is the readers to read your content. Content Syndication is the best way to deliver the content directly to the reader’s inbox so that they get notified whenever you publish a new post. Google Feedburner is the top known service for content syndication. It is also known as RSS Feed syndication. In this tutorial I will tell you step by step way to enable feed syndication for your blog that will help to increase traffic to your blog and build your blog readership. Once you enable email subscription service in your blog, you will notice how your blog traffic is increasing. So, let’s start the tutorial.

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How to Auto Tweet Blog Posts on Twitter

You have created a twitter account to tweet your blog posts to increase blog traffic, but you may feel that tweet your posts manually is really a boring and time consuming process. At this stage you definitely need a service that can do this work for you. In today’s tutorial, I going to show you that how you can auto tweet your blogger blog posts on Twitter via Feedburner. Once you apply this trick into your Feedburner account you will get to know that how amazing is this free service. It will automatically tweet your latest posts into your twitter account on behalf of you. So, let’s begin the tutorial.

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